Pre requisites

You willl need the following software before installing Salamanca :
  • Visual Studio 2008 SP1, with the C# development components (Express Editions are not supported).
  • Guidance Automation Extensions - February 2008 Release.
  • Enterprise Library 4.1.


  • Get the 3 required files (Salamanca.msi, lgplv3.rtf and gplv3.rtf).
  • Right-click on the Salamanca.msi file, and click on the Install menu item.
  • Read the LGPL v3.0 license, check the I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click on the Install button :
  • Wait while Salamanca is being installed :
  • That's it : click on the Finish button :

There is a final step that will become unnecessary in the final release (ie when the installer will be fixed...) :
  • Open a command line prompt and type the two following commands :
devenv /setup


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