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Quick Start

Pre requisites

You will need to have the Salamanca software factory installed to go through this quick start.

Create a solution

  • Open Visual Studio 2008.
  • Create a new project (menu File > New > Project..., or Ctrl-Shift-N).
  • In the treeview on the left, select the Salamanca item under the Guidance Packages hierarchy. Type in the name and location of your solution, and the click on the OK button :
  • Type in the name of your application, the base namespace for it and click on the Finish button :

Generate code

  • Open the Model.sdml file inside Visual Studio 2008.
  • Drop items from the toolbox to create your Domain Model :
  • Save your changes.
  • Click on the Transform All Templates button in the Solution Explorer (if you don't see this button, right-click on a file in the GeneratedCode folder, and click on the Run Custom Tool menu item) :
  • Check the code generated in the GeneratedCode folder :

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