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A business application created with Salamanca has the following characteristics :
  • There is a DAL (Data Access Layer) consisting of :
    • A Domain Model layer, which is an object model of the domain. It allows the manipulation of business data in an object oriented way, and (almost) completely hides the data storage specifics.
    • A Mappers layer which links the Domain Model to the data store, which is in general a relational database (though we could plug anything here, like a web service for instance).
  • There is an Activities layer that handles data processing, which is the core of a business application. As such, it both manipulates the Domain Model and controls the HMI layer. It is a state machine.
  • The HMI layer is controlled by the Activities layer. Any presentation technology can be used here :
    • Windows Forms
    • ASP .NET
    • ASP .NET Ajax
    • WPF
    • ...
  • Business rules apply to :
    • The Domain Model layer : data cannot be persisted unless objects are valid.
    • The Activities layer : transitions cannot occur unless business specific conditions are matched.

The libraries we have developed will help us implement this architecture in our business applications.

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